About Us:


F1 USA VISA is founded by the Indian students alumni in the USA Diaspora.  F1 USA VISA has been striving with all its mettle to offer the most comprehensive guidance for  students who intend to study in  America in pursuit of higher education. F1 USA VISA acts as the all-round platform for students where there can avail free guidence to all sorts of information and guidance pertinent to study, processing their application for admission, visa assistances for USA.

Ranging from test preparations, profile evaluation,admit reviews, visa tips,tarvel connect, accomodation etc. F1 USA VISA gathers all the valuable information from thousands of students, visa and immigration experts and industry connoisseurs and presents in the multilayered scheme to offer A to Z information and awareness to the students.

F1 USA VISA also is a platform on which students come into concurrence to create a great place for information exchange and ultimately the accomplishment of pursuit of trading global class education for USA.

What We Do:

We believe in transparency as our most honoured virtue, we intend the same and we are the most transparent bridging platform between students, universities . We have started F1 USA VISA with the noble intention of guiding students towards the most trusted source since the website will have only those students who are pursuing their education at USA or completed their education at USA. We ensure that your authorized educational consultants are offerring you free services so that students dreams of studying in USA are fulfilled without fail and no hassle of cheating.

F1 USA VISA adheres to a very stringent verification and authorization process to recognize, acknowledge and certify trusted consultants who approach us for our authorization. Our authorization promises students about the goodwill and the trusted brand equity of consultants.

We make it very transparent for both universities and students regarding the performance metrics of consultants we collaborate with by providing ‘review’ facility to the former. Students, universities’ representative can write open reviews about the consultants they are tied up with and these reviews are kept for open access. Such a move is like a tab on the performance and that, we believe, also fosters transparency.

For Education Consultants:

Since every one understands that all the overseas education consultants are not genuine and many students have fall to trap. F1 USA Visa can assist you in giving leads only for the universities that you are authorize represntative. Only in one condition that are being authorize representative and you must not charge any service fee from the students.Students must get all the assistances free; for the services that you offer. F1 USA VISA is finally the first ever place where consultants find themselves being evaluated and certified for the services they offer to students. This is done by the students in turn. F1 USA VISA offers students to script in reviews for consultants so that their performance and output can be validated.