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  • Fri, May 24, 2019
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Required Documents For Applying In US Universities

Wish to apply for a program in the US? Confused as to which documents are necessary and which are not? Here is a guide..Firstly, only refer to experienced people for listing out and preparing the documents. These documents are going to decide your professional future, do not seek advice from random sources. The financial documents required are very ... Read More

  • Fri, May 24, 2019
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What Impact does Work Experience Gives For Admit ?

Does work experience really matter to your admit ??

Aspiring for that dream admit in a top 50 globally reputed university, always wondered what gets you there. For more Sign UP- 

Here are the admission criteria:


  • Academic Performance
  • Entrance Exam score - GRE/TOEFL/IELTS /GMAT/SAT
  • Overall Profile


Do note an ... Read More

  • Thu, May 23, 2019
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Best Tips To Improve TOEFL Scores

Tips To Improve TOEFL Scores

The people at the test center will be nice; You will have the opportunity to chat with each other, a little bit before going to the exam.

Reading: Within an hour, You had to read three texts of 700 words and answer 42 questions. Time-management, here, plays a major role. The ... Read More

  • Tue, May 21, 2019
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Complete Guide to MS in USA

Here is the complete guide for MS in USA from 

For more details and assistance SIGN UP TO F1USAVISA.COM

How much does the MS in the USA for Indian students Cost?

As education abroad is expensive for Indian students, there are some international courses that are less expensive than most ... Read More

  • Fri, May 17, 2019
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9 Best Tips For F1 USA VISA Interview

Top 9 Tips for the F1 Visa Interview
Now that you know all about the F1 Visa interview process and the documentation you should bring with you, all that’s to do is complete the actual interview. For many, this is the most nerve-wracking part. Prospective students that have made it this far in ... Read More
  • Thu, May 16, 2019
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Documents Required for an F1 Visa Interview

Documents You Need for an F1 Visa Interview

Like with other Visa application interviews, the F1 Visa interview requires specific documentation that you must bring to the interview (to avoid 221g refusal, above all else). These items include the following:


  • I-20/SEVIS form issued by the U.S University
  • Completed DS-160 visa application form
  • Receipt of ... Read More
  • Thu, May 16, 2019
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F1 Student Visa Interview Questions

The F1 Student Visa Interview Questions

During the interview, visa officers are trying to figure out whether you are actually coming to the United States to study or not. They do those interviews because, unfortunately, a lot of people apply for an F1 student visa and don’t plan to study in the United States – they just plan to immigrate and ... Read More

  • Tue, May 14, 2019
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Tips To Apply For A Scholarship In Any Abroad Universities

What is a scholarship?

A Scholarship is simply a monetary benefit given by colleges to academically good students. It is a token of appreciation for such students. Scholarships also aim to help financially weak students who may not be able to afford the fees of the college they are joining.For More Help SIGN UP to ... Read More

  • Sat, May 11, 2019
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Sample Letter Format for Requesting a GMAT Waiver

Each school will have their own timelines of when to send in the GMAT waiver request. It is best to follow their lead. Waivers are requested by writing a letter to the admissions committee unless specified otherwise. It is also advisable to correspond with ... Read More

  • Fri, May 10, 2019
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GMAT waived options for MBA

GMAT Waived Options For MBA

GMAT Waiver-What it is ?

Besides the MBA programs that don’t allow poor GMAT scores to get in the way of a good application, there are still others that allow either of the following get-away-from-GMAT­ free cards.

  1. Schools that require a GMAT for admission but can consider a request for a GMAT ... Read More