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GMAT waived options for MBA

GMAT waived options for MBA

GMAT Waived Options For MBA

GMAT Waiver-What it is ?

Besides the MBA programs that don’t allow poor GMAT scores to get in the way of a good application, there are still others that allow either of the following get-away-from-GMAT­ free cards.

  1. Schools that require a GMAT for admission but can consider a request for a GMAT waiver under special circumstances.

  2. Schools, or particular MBA Programs, that don’t require a GMAT for admission.

For the present article, we will focus on (A) GMAT Waivers. It presents an opportunity for certain qualifying applicants to request a waiver on a GMAT score, required for admission. Since this exception allows a special privilege not afforded to the others, the request for a GMAT waiver, from an admissions office, needs to be compensated for by other redeeming qualities in the applicant.

If you are requesting a waiver, your letter should emphasize at least one of the following, if not more, by way of making your case (each business school has its own criteria).

  • Work Experience: The experience should not just be substantial, preferably more than the suggested eligibility for the application, but also strongly representative of your development along your career path. The admissions office needs to be able to infer your abilities from your growing contributions, at your workplace. Having the same job role, or too many job changes can reflect badly on your initiative, and motivation to take on responsibilities.

  • Leadership: It is one thing to have work experience, and quite an impressive another to have work experience which reflects your qualities as a good leader, taking on challenges, for yourself and your team, over and above the call of duty. It is essential to back up your remarkable efforts with recommendations from senior management as well as your colleagues who have witnessed your professional integrity and leadership skills in the face of problems.

  • Problem Solving Skills: GMAT tests are designed to show a level of comfort at comprehending problems and arriving at optimum resolutions. The AWA, IR, and especially the quantitative sections test the takers on performance under constrained situations. If you are opting to do away with GMAT, it would behoove you to showcase your problem-solving skills through successful instances at work, or otherwise.

  • Academic Record: An applicant credibility shoots up with a good academic record, advanced degrees, or certifications, that represent your learning abilities. A quantitative background is almost always required.


Needless to say, besides the above silver linings, it is essential to have a solid MBA application essay. You should have a clear comprehension of your motivation, for an MBA, and what you would like to do with it in the future. In all, if a GMAT waiver is being requested, the rest of your application should be able to more than sell your position as a desirable candidate, nevertheless.

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