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Sample Letter Format for Requesting a GMAT Waiver

Sample Letter Format for Requesting a GMAT Waiver

Each school will have their own timelines of when to send in the GMAT waiver request. It is best to follow their lead. Waivers are requested by writing a letter to the admissions committee unless specified otherwise. It is also advisable to correspond with them well in advance in the event it takes some time for them to approve your special request.

Your GMAT Waiver Request Letter needs to follow the usual formalities associated with any business correspondence unless otherwise specified by the school. The address line, date, subject, and salutations should follow similar formats like the other admission related formal letters (Letter of Intent vs Statement of Purpose vs Personal Statement).

For the content itself, you have to ensure that you give a reasonable explanation of why your background has prepared you enough to not have to appear for a GMAT test. Schools generally have a clear criterion to be considered for the extra privilege. So, stick to the essentials and stay away from bragging, or sounding too good to be true.

Here’s a sample, and quite fantastically fictional, GMAT waiver letter from a candidate with an MS in a quantitative field and work experience to lay strength to his claims.To know more or want to share something -sign up 


Attn: Admissions Committee

Gotham University


(Insert State) – 123456

1st January 2020

Subject: GMAT Waiver Request for Application to the Full-Time MBA Program

Dear Sir or Madam,

(1st Paragraph: Introduce your case without getting into too many details)

I am writing this letter to formally request you to waive the GMAT exam for my application to the Full-Time MBA program. My past professional and academic background have prepared me with the required skills essential to be considered for a waiver.

(2nd Paragraph: Elaborate your academic and professional achievements pertaining to the criteria the school wants you to satisfy in order to receive a waiver)

I have a Masters in Economics from XYZ (accredited of course) University with a GPA of 3.5/4.0. After graduating in 2010, and having interned at ABC company for two months during my graduate years, I joined EFG Corp. as a Financial Risk Analyst. My responsibilities, in the role, involved (Insert your duties with measured restraint. You don’t want to sound too congratulatory). After 2 years, I qualified the Institute of Risk Management (IRM) certification. I was soon promoted to become my division’s Risk Manager, managing a team of ten.

(3rd Paragraph: Provide proof of your achievements. Share the challenges you faced and how your super quantitative skills saved the day)

(4th Paragraph: Appreciate the Adcom for their time and gently request them to weigh your accomplishments against the requirement of a GMAT exam and consider the worthiness of your background for an exemption).

With Regards,

Manoj Raj