Emergency USA Visa Appointment
  • Thu, Aug 8, 2019
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Emergency USA Visa Appointment

Emergency USA Visa Appointment


What Are Emergency Visa Appointments?Every Student knows that getting Slots for F-1 Visa Interviews are really hard. You need to book much before to get the Slots you are looking for. So India came up with this facility called as Emergency Visa Appointments. Emergency Visa Appointments can get you the slots for F-1 Visa Interview even though it is completely booked. They keep some slots for this Emergency Visa Appointments. For applying for Emergency Visa Appointments you must satisfy the Conditions that is enlisted below. If you do not satisfy these Conditions then you are not eligible to apply for Emergency Visa Appointment Slots.

What are the Eligibility Conditions To Apply for Emergency Visa Appointments?
For Students there are two Eligibility Conditions To Apply for the Emergency Visa Appointments: –
  • Student, whose Course/Programme is going to start within 60 days.
  • Students Visa should not have been rejected in the Last 1 year.
  • Evidence that you have paid the SEVIS fee.
Other Eligibility Conditions are as follows: –
  • Medical Emergency.
  • Death/Funeral.
  • Urgent Business Travel.
How To Apply For Emergency Visa Appointments?
Send Us an Enquiry In www.f1usavisa.com . We will share you the details.

What Are The Advantages Of Applying For Emergency Visa Appointments?
There are no advantages of Applying for Emergency Visa Appointments. You will still be treated as a normal Visa Applicant. This Emergency Visa Appointments are helpful for Students whose Programme Start dates are nearing and they are not able to get a Slot, they can avail this Service.

What can happen if you Fake the Reasons for Emergency Visa Appointments?
Emergency Visa Appointments are only for Students who satisfy the conditions listed above. If VO, during the Interview comes to know that you have misrepresented the Reason for Emergency Visa Appointments, the same will be noted in your file and you may not get the visa altogether or your interview may be postponed for another 90 days. So if you are eligible for applying to Emergency Visa Appointments, then go ahead and apply.

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