How to get a student visa for USA
  • Fri, Jul 5, 2019
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How to get a student visa for USA

How to get a student visa for USA

Visa: Your gateway to AmericaInternational students can enter the US in the form of an F-1 student visa or the M-1 and J-1 visas. A majority of these students pursue a doctorate, master’s, and bachelor’s degree programs in the United States. Visa application is an elaborate process and there is a lot that needs to be noted about how to get a student visa for USA.

Currently, there are about 1.2 million international students in the US. A majority of them are on a US study visa(F-1 visa) typically awarded to foreigners pursuing college degrees. In 2016 alone, the number of F-1 student visa’s issued was 644,204 and the acceptance rate was a staggering 80%. Great news for all of you planning to study in the US.

Despite some controversy around visa restrictions in recent years, the US remains one of the most appealing destinations for international studies. Any students who plan to study in the USA need to be aware of the procedure to apply for student visa in USA.

About your student visa for USA

**To begin with, make sure you choose an institution and a program accredited by the US government’s SEVP **

Depending on where you are from, there may be certain special conditions to qualify for an American student visa. The usual process begins with an application to a University of your choice in the US and being admitted into it. This is where you get your I-20 form or Acceptance Letter. With advice and assistance from a dedicated expert like F1USAVISA.COM , the entire process from school selection, submission of documents, and payment of SEVIS fees, right through all the visa application steps is made a lot smoother and hassle-free.

Your I-20 form is an application requirement for F and M visa categories. Below are the three different types of student visa for USA

Types of student visa for USA

Before you start wondering how to get a student visa for USA, check which type of student visa you want to apply for:

M-1 Visa: is issued to international students looking to attend a vocational school or non-academic program.

J-1 Visa: issued to exchange students, interns, teachers, professional trainees or seasonal workers in the private cultural sector.

F-1 Visa: is the type of student visa for USA issued to foreign students pursuing an academic or English Language program. The validity period lasts until the study programme is completed.

Our focus is going to be on the F-1 visa, the class generally required for full-time academic studies in the US.

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