Challenges obtaining US student visa
  • Thu, Dec 1, 2016
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Challenges obtaining US student visa

Challenges obtaining US student visa


Challenges obtaining US student visa


 United States has turn a popular destination for Indian students who desire to pursue higher education

 in  the US. This is an evident for growing a number of students with visa applications that the US consulate

receives every year. Only some students are lucky to get a U S student visa. There are many challenges

that the Indian students  face in getting a US students visa. The astronomical challenge for potential students

to get visa information, about university practical application and admission necessaries. Information of

course content, while only a few respondents reported difficulty in searching  adequate information about

the study location. The officers look closely at I-20 forms, certificates and school records for evidence

of crime. Acquiring a US student visa is not easy as everyone considers. It is the most challenging when

compared to other accumulation of visas. The attention of the student while attending interview should

be in conventional. During the  interview  the student should give broad and specific answers to the inquiry

raised by the authorized at the consulate.  


   A student who desires to study in the US needs to fulfill this obligations.


*       Securing an admission in a recognized university


*       Provision for fees


*       Adequate capacity in terms of financial  to meet lodging and boarding expenses


*       Household and commercial enterprise ties to ensure that the student will return to the home country.


The requirement of new policies of a student should to be financially stable as they have accrued the idea of minimum surviving costs. Furthermore the exploding number of Indian students makes it so challenging for the present Indian students to get their visas renewed.


Leaving the comforts of home to attend school is so easier, but abroad students countenance a extraordinary fixed of challenges. They are not just traders but  they are  familiar for the unknown. In the way that they have choose to study abroad, they have added cultural and language barriers to more common place concerned about finding lodging and saying goodbye to friends and family.


The student has to prepare a written application to a recognized educational institution in the US. Present there are many universities which are not acknowledged. Acknowledged universities only can periodical the student with a Certificate of Qualification, Form I-20. The passport of the students gives details of his / her traveling  pattern and whether he / she has applied for educate visa in any other country. The signifier I-20 gives content on the student and the university, the expected duration of the course, the information about the education fee and the kind of commercial enterprise support.


Are you a authentic student, oriented to the US for the intention of studying? Some individuals use false documents / have no real intention of attending the classes -- the whole project is just a artifice to get to the US.


        Can you pay for your studies? Some individuals have full economic aid, but many are independent, in  whole or in portion, so the visa official must form convinced the money is addressable.


An applier whom the consular officer has ascertained falls within the “grounds of unacceptability” will be refused a visa under legal act subsection of “212(a).” These grounds of unacceptability are a set of rules forbidding the admission to the U.S of certain classes of persons for law-breaking, surgical reasons, security, because they would likely become public complaints, for prior immigration offense, and other miscellaneous grounds.  There are exceptions and waivers available to many of the grounds.


  You need to follow the below steps :-


*       Firstly you need to get the VISA appointment letter.


*       Essential to pay the VISA  fee


*       Requirement to have valid passport and recent passport size photograph.


*       Certain documents needs to be submitted like attest of financial resources, proof of liquid assets sufficient to pay for the entire first year of education and living costs as well as evidence of readily addressable funds to cover the remaining time  life of studies.


*       Occupation cognitive content and entrance exam score certificate should be submitted.


   Be thoroughly prepared. Make sure you carry:


*       Your I-20 form (or IAP-66 form)


*       Your Certificates


*       Your standardized test score reports (TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, etc.)


*       All learning and e-mail from the educational institution, particularly those that discuss economic aid, subordinate, fellowships and other forms of financial aid.


*       Evidence of funding for your studies (bank written document, etc)


*       Your business cards  (if you have a line of work)


*       Any other documents that you consider might be important


Once a visa application has been properly submitted, a consular officer must either approve or refuse the visa. A visa can be scrapped only upon a ground generally set out in the law or ordinances. The officer should notify the applicant of the refusal.


If you qualify in the interview in the US consulate, you will acquire VISA.



Eventually, tell the fact, If the visa officer believes that  you're lying, you won't acquire a visa.