Documents checklist for Visa Interview
  • Thu, Dec 1, 2016
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Documents checklist for Visa Interview

Documents checklist for Visa Interview

Documents checklist for Visa Interview


Pursuing papers must be available at the interview:

Determination Letter acceptable from the NVC.

Permission valid for six months on the far side the conscious date of written record into the United States, unless longer validity is generally requested by the U.S. Embassy/Diplomatic building in your state. ...

Police Certificate(s)

Transport with You to the Interview:

·Your legitimate passport and antecedent contented passports

·The DS-160 bar code page (you will not need the full utilization)

·Assignment document

·H, L, and other petition-based visa appliers may bring representations of the I-797, I-129 and different petition-related papers

·Dependents should carry the main applicant's passport or permission written matter

·F, M scholars should carry the SEVIS receipt and I-20.

·J transaction travelers should carry the SEVIS acknowledgment and DS-2019.

·Science and technology applicants may need additive procedure. Carry the accurate documents to minimize the processing period of time.


Broken-down or Expiring Passports:

Please acquire a new passport preceding to your interview if:

·The movie on the biographical data pages of your passport (i. e., folio with your photograph and back most page with your parents' message) is detaching from the pages in your passport, or

·Your passport is other than torn, broken-down, mutilated or has been washed or make clean.

           U.S. visas cannot be placed in damaged passports.


·Legitimate original passport. It is advisable that your passport be valid for at to the lowest degree six months beyond your expected arrival date in USA.

·Carry all your old passports as well.

·Cardinal photograph as per description. Some digital and hard copy of the photograph are needed.

·DS160 US Visa application verification page sealed at the Visa Application Center (VAC).

·Evidence of fee payment, which is a valid acknowledgment.

·Output signal of US Interview designation textual matter.


Encouraging papers for US Visitor Visa (Tourist Visa)

·Interview officer will chiefly want to check that you are a legitimate individual who meets all the criteria for US traveler visa considering a legal personal identity, no condemnable aspect, and have a valid explanation to subject matter a visitor visa.

·Necessary to show evidence that you have enough funds to assistance your journey to USA.

·May neediness to show evidence that you have strong ties back to home country, which will signal to the officer that you have a explanation to come back to your home state after your US trip is accomplish.

·Additive papers that can assist the preceding can be helpful to carry with you when you go for the visitor visa interview.

·Information that shows the intention of the trip, absorbed to go away the United States subsequently the trip, and preparations made to cover the costs of the trip may be supplied.

    It is impracticable to stipulate the perfect form the certification to take since applicants' circumstances  vary outstandingly. Pursuing is a list of recommended papers for a few conditions.

Other suggested documents for visitor visa:

·Business related: If you are working, get a letter of employment confirmation.

·If you are a authorities employer, you must acquire a  NOC.

·If you are self-freelancer, you must get impervious of business possession and financial.


Preceding list of documents is not compulsory, and being an individual condition, some of these representations may not be relevant. In addition, there may be documents or information you can instant earlier the consulate officer that are not listed above. The preceding list is the most ordinary documents requested by immigration officials during visa interview.

Parents or single applicants whose journey is presented by their minors, relations, or friends who live in United States, they should get definite representations from the supporters. Perceive the next subdivision for absolute list of documents needed from supporter.

US visa interviewis usually for three minutes. Since this is a very short academic term, all scholars are needed to have documents in a well organized manner. Fewest students prefer to carry a free-reed instrument folder which has many sub brochures inside. The introductory folder can have the passport, the I-20 form, the semester cogent evidence and visa appointment letter. In the second they keep the bank contents, your parents’, your relations’ and yours. The ordinal folder has the other commercial enterprise documents of bonds, fixed deposits, shares, debenture bond and mutual funds. Fourth part, they keep the other acceptance and decision making letters from university utilized. Fifth is the place to keep the SAT, GRE or GMAT grade sheets. Sixth folder will include the all other mark sheets. Seventh will have your content of intention, written material, testimonials, resume the paper which has been dispatched for the entrance intention in US. Next will be your folder which has the legal document assist and the bank letters as a evidence to show that the parent/ parents are encouraging the education. Then if your parent owns a business concern, you will have to show business papers of the last two years’ profit or loss. If you have work experience then the assignment letters, salary slips, your alleviating letters have to be shown next as a evidence encouraging your work experience. In the end your belongings papers have to be displayed.


On with your documents applicable to your traveling, you must carry the following to your visa appointment:

·Designation Letter

·A transcript of the DS- 160 verification page.

·A transcript of the passport history page and also copy of measure page if any

Additive Documents for chosen visa class:

H and L Visa– Original and a copy of I-797 also previous I-797 if whatsoever.
F / M / J Visa – Transcript of I-20/ DS 2019 and Sevis receipt.



Successful readying for the Diplomat Section interview, appliers must collect the appropriate certification related to the intention of travel. Rendered below is the recommended list of documents for all visa collections. You will essential to establish that you run into the necessities under U.S. law to obtain the category of visa for which you are applying. There is no guarantee that a visa will be contented. Not to  form terminal travel thoughts or buy tickets until a visa is contented.

Additive documentation may be needed. Please reappraisal the instructions on how to utilize for a visa on the website of the Embassy or Diplomatic building where you will apply. Extra papers may be requested to set up visa reservations.