• Fri, Jun 16, 2017
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NEW DELHI Consulate:

The US Embassy in the national capital and Consulates in Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai & New Delhi today opened their doors to more than 4,000 Indian students applying for visas to pursue higher education in the United States. 

This was the third iteration of the annual Student Visa Day organized by the country to boost higher education ties with India. 

"Today, every sixth international student in the United States is from India, and these students are contributing enormously to every aspect of life at the university and in the surrounding communities," said Embassy Charge d'Affaires MaryKay Carlson. 

Currently, 1,66,000 Indian students are enrolled in US institutions of higher education. 

The US Embassy and the Consulates welcomed the applicants in a festive atmosphere. 

Representatives from Education USA, American Spaces, and recent US graduates gave insights and answered questions from students about college life in the United States. 

Student Visa Day is an annual event in U.S. Mission India, which is excited to help qualified Indian students reach their educational goals by choosing to pursue an education in the United States.

“It has been an honor to meet India’s future leaders today at Student Visa Day.  I am continually impressed by the caliber of Indian students that I meet, and amazed by what they contribute to both India and the world,” Ambassador Verma remarked after talking with student visa applicants in Delhi.


Indian Student Facts:

 • Last year Indian students in the United States contributed $3.3 billion to the U.S. economy.

• The nearly 103,000 Indian students in the United States are more than double the number of students 15 years ago.

• Student visa applications across India increased 60 percent last year.

• Over the last 12 months, student visa applications doubled at the U.S. Embassy and Consulates in India, especially in Mumbai and Hyderabad, the two busiest posts for students.

• Prospective Indian students submitted more than 90,000 visa applications in the last 12 months.

• Consular officers approve the vast majority of student visa applications.

• 78% of Indian students opt to study Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields.

• Engineering is the most popular major, followed by computer science.