Tips to choose right MBA Course
  • Fri, Jun 9, 2017
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Tips to choose right MBA Course

Tips to choose right MBA Course

Choosing the right course and university is one of the toughest challenges. Considering this we have evaluated the profiles, student academic years, their experience after admit and researched a lot about universities and made a list of prerequisites that you have to consider before choosing right course.

MBA is one of the higher degree level with corporate management skills. Generally, an MBA program covers both core curriculum and elective units. The core curriculum units offered by most schools include economics, operations management, human resources, marketing, business administration and accounting.

The choice you make for an MBA course is mainly determined by the direction you want your career to take. Here are some tips to guide your choice:

1)   Quality of the course

Consider the expertise of the faculty and find whether the school offers quality teaching programs. Make a check list about teaching programs, faculty expertise, practical training, history of school, affiliation.

2)   Check with your profile

Once you made a research, you will have better understanding on what universities you need to apply. This process is Dynamic and Subjective. Apply carefully without any hesitations. Consider your math now.

3)   Use your Math and play with numbers

Apply for mix of schools, this will make your selection reach wider range. Here categorize the school reach into three – i)Reach which has good candidacy and average GMAT is higher than yours, ii)Mid- range is where your GMAT falls in line with average of these schools iii) Safe is where your GMAT is higher than average.

4)   School Location and Tuition Fees

Location is the primary factor when picking the right business school. Ensure you are comfortable and easier access to school is recommended.  Prefer the schools which have employment opportunities.


There are top universities which have expensive tuition fee, compare the fees with competitive schools and select the best that suits you.