• Fri, Jun 30, 2017
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Recent news report notifies that only 4,000 students got a US student visa out of 90,000 who had applied.

4k out of 90k!! It’s like an Entrance Exam!

What are the reasons behind this rejection of these many Visa rejections?

Get to know the consequences so that, you will be aware of mistakes you shouldn’t do while attending visa interview.

There are many reasons behind the rejection of us student visa. It is possible that the students are not very well aware of US student visa interview questions. They are not prepared well for US visa interview.

Here I want to mention the reason that may be possible in the rejection of the USA student visa interview.

1) Presenting incorrect information

Nothing gets applicants denied as fast as when they are caught lying about even the tiniest of things. You may think that you can get away by furnishing false documents or information but that is often not the case. Furthermore, you can be permanently blocked from entering the United States if the visa officer deems that your personal conduct isn’t trustable enough.

2) Having no plan to return to the home country

Visa officers have been trained to vet applicants on their disposition to return to their country of residence after completion of the requisite hold in the US. Therefore, not exhibiting a strong familial, property or business linkage to your home country is one of the major reasons for your F1 visa to be rejected. Visa officers are looking for something that would deter you from staying in the US illegally. If you don’t provide them with that or have shown even the slightest tendency to overstay your welcome, your application will be rejected.


3) Lack of knowledge in English

Bad GRE and TOEFL scores and communication difficulty during the interview can also get your application for the F1 visa rejected. You should understand that you are going to a country where the language of communication, as well as the medium of teaching is English. So, you can have stellar academic grades but if you don’t possess the required level of English proficiency, the visa officer will have no problem in banning you from the visa on the grounds of communication inadequacy.

4) Presentation is all

You should show up for the visa in a proper attire and exhibit a commendable body language. Fidgety individuals who are not dressed for the occasion can raise the suspicion of the visa officer and increase your chances of a rejection. Therefore you should be positive for your visa interview and turn up in proper western business attire. One way to achieve confidence is to shadow practice the interview in front of the mirror.



By understanding the above reasons which are responsible for US Student Visa rejection, one should not commit any mistakes while attending visa interview and moreover, prepare well in advance.


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